I was born at Robins AFB, Georgia. My dad was in the Air Force, so we traveled a lot. I was never in one place for more than 3 years. I really enjoyed the travelling; however, it makes it hard for me to stay in one place now. About every 3 years I am ready to move. I got to live in California twice, Turkey and Italy. I really enjoyed these places. While we were in Italy we got to travel all through Europe. I even went to Yugoslavia. Then when my dad retired he got stationed at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. We moved there from Italy. Which made a bad really seem awful. I did not enjoy my time in Louisiana, so the day I graduated from High School, I moved to Arlington, TX. I went to college at UT Arlington. I started out as in the electrical engineering department, but soon decided that I did not care for it. I changed my major to math with a minor in computer science. So instead of the 4 year plan, I did the 6 year. I was hired to work at Vought (now Lockheed Martin) straight out of college. I was a software engineer for 12 years. While I was working at Vought, I got married and had three children, a girl and twin boys. My daughter was 2 when my boys were born. I still managed to work at Vought part time while my children were young and spend the rest of the time with them. When my daughter was 5 and my boys were 3, my boss wanted me to start traveling. She said I would need to be gone 1 to 2 weeks a month. Since my children were young, I quit my job. I really did not know what I wanted to do after that. One day I was taking my children to school and the head of the school said the Pre-K 3 teacher has just quit and asked if I could fill in for a while so they could look for a new teacher. I was happy to, especially since my boys were in the class. I worked there for two years. I really enjoyed it and that is when I decided to stay in the education field. I then took a job at Florence Hill Elementary School. I was there for two years. Then we moved to Southlake, TX. I worked at Winfree Academy for a year, then as a substitute for Carroll ISD. I got a job as an aide for DAEP in Keller ISD. When the teacher I was an aide for retired, I got his job. Now I work as a high school teacher for DAEP in Keller, TX. I am now able to take my ECAP classes and become a certified teacher. I really enjoy working for DAEP and will probably work there until I retire.

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  1. You have had a very interesting life. I don't remember who said this but I've always liked this quote, "before you can change the world, you first have to go see the world." I think you will change the world one student at a time.