Web 2.0 Applications

Glogster Glogster was an easy and efficient site to use! Every aspect of the site proved to be very beneficial to making an animated poster.

Delicious Very simple, easy, well organized site!

Google Document Google documents is a very simple tool to use. Clear directions, very easy.

Google Reader: Seems like a great site to keep me updated. Finding feeds is very simple.

Wikispace Wikispaces was a difficult task. The directions to set up the page and edit it were very difficult to understand..

19pencils19 Pencils is a great site for teachers to use! Very simple, easy design and usage!

Digital Story Telling:

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Animoto proved very useful in making a digital story. Everything was easy to use and find and very self explanatory. Great site for any video project!

Commented on:

Daniel English
Jaclyn Harvey
Stacy Crawford


  1. This site was very interesting to use. I've never used this website before and it was very different that what I am used to using. Very nice!

  2. Delicious.com seems like a great and helpful website. Very easy to use!

  3. Google doc is a great tool to use. It will be a very easy place to keep my tools and documents I create and need.